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Lesson 14

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Warmed up with lots of weapon work tonight.

Bokken: overhead cuts.

Stepping back, raising the bokken vertical, step through and cut down. raise to roundhouse and cut. Repeat the roundhouse cuts on alternate sides. We also worked on turning at the end of the mat then cutting.

Jo work:

suburi number 2 and 4

Rafa then took the class and we did a variety of techniques, all of which that I did not get the name of. Attacks were 2 handed wrist grab, grab the upper arm and wrist, double wrist grab from behind.

The essence of the lesson was be like a baby, keep the opponent moving and he is not your enemy. There was lots of work turning, moving, leading, extending, changing levels. Essentially exploring and playing with the opponent’s motion.